An intriguingly delicious evening

I’ve wanted to go to a mystery dinner theatre event for quite some time, so when the opportunity to attend one arose, I had to take advantage of it. And so I found myself standing alongside Kate in the lobby of the Homewood Public Library awaiting the time when the doors would open and we could choose our seats.

I spent some of my time waiting taking pictures of my ticket. Therefore, here is a picture of my ticket.

It was a good thing we arrived early, for by the time 6:30 rolled around, the entryway was filled with folks hungry for both food and intrigue. It was the loudest hubbub I’d ever heard in a library, and I found myself wondering when a kind yet stern librarian would poke her head out and shush us all. Such a thing did not occur, and when the doors leading to the performance area were opened, we poured through them as one. Thanks to our early arrival, we found a table at the front of the room, with seats facing the stage, and so had a great view of the action.

Once our seating was secured, we took turns getting dinner. Kate went first and I was left alone at our table with another patron, a lovely woman named Deb, since her husband was also gone to the dinner line per Deb’s instructions. She and I chatted about the usual things one does with a stranger: schooling, careers, what we were doing with our lives. I enjoyed speaking with her then and through out the night. It’s interesting how much you can have in common with someone you’ve never met. Anyway, soon Kate returned and I headed to the line to obtain my own dinner.

The line to get food was moving at the speed of lightning. Well, lightning in a painting. But the food was worth the wait. The beef was tender, which was good, as the plastic utensils would have been useless otherwise. The salad was fresh and self -serve, so I avoided the banana peppers that make my eyes water, and tonged up a few extra olives. A little greek dressing gave it a flavor that allowed me to close my eyes and pretend I was on a cruise of the Greek islands, eating the freshest of their wares. Okay, maybe not, but it was good. A side of nicely seasoned new potatoes and the obligatory roll rounded out a delicious and filling main course. And for dessert? White chocolate bread pudding. I personally don’t like bread pudding. I do however now know that I adore white chocolate bread pudding. It was well cooked and left my palette begging for more. There were copious amounts of iced tea, water, and coffee, so overall I give the dinner portion of the night two quite full thumbs up.

After all were fed, it came time for the show to start. The stage, as you saw above, was small, and so the night was an intimate theatrical experience. I have a degree in theatre so I know quite a bit about sets and lights and sounds and even acting. I’m far from an expert in any one area, but I had training in them all during my studies in college. So I know enough to say that the acting, while good, was not the best I’d ever seen, and I could have run the audio and lights better even though I’d never seen the show. There was not much required of the singular tech guy sitting ten feet from my table, but he was late on nearly every cue. That being said, I enjoyed the play quite a lot, as the writing was superb.

So, in summation, if you ever have a chance to go to a dinner theatre, do so. Even if it is a small community theatre group, I imagine you’ll find the night enjoyable. I know that I certainly did.

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2 thoughts on “An intriguingly delicious evening

  1. Cheryl B.

    I’m the Webmaster at the library and was at the performance Friday night taking photos. We are so glad to read about your experience and to know that you enjoyed yourself. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for coming!


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